About Us

What is FreshAPK

FreshAPK.com is a top android package download site, founded in 2016. It includes millions of Hot APPs.

FreshAPK.com focuses on providing Android users with a safer, faster and simpler APK download website and it offers over 1000 new & free Android apps or APKs to users every day. It also collects huge amounts of topics like fresh news, reviews, tips and tricks, how-to tutorials and etc. So users are able to get knowledge of any hot apps download details, such as apps developers, installing steps, updates and so on.

Our Purpose

FreshAPK.com is dedicated to building FreshAPK.com as a one-stop APK download platform. It always pushes itself to offer more help for users while downloading APKs to their Android devices (smartphone and tablets). FreshAPK.com tries its best to maintain FreshAPK.com brand to be better and more popular.

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