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BEMAGI - Breed×Battle×Rhythm APK

Updated date 19/02/2017

Latest Version 3.2.3

Author team_egg


Keep the beat! Get the rhythm! Next Generation rhythm game [Beat & Magicians]! Call it [BEMAGI] for short!
Let's fight with other players and aim for the top in this world that controlled by magic and music. Let’s collect various kind of monsters by become beat master!
Unique monsters are waiting you!

▼The rules are simple.
Tap the falling stone (Groove stone) to the rhythm and charge your performance gauge!
You will win when your performance gauge is higher than opposite.

▼Smash! Sound skill!!
When you tap the same element of groove stone, you can charge your skill gauge.
When skill gauge become full, you can exercise your sound skill.
Let's interfere enemy by the sound skill!
Let’s choose monsters and skill to get advantage in battle!
By choosing a good skill and units, you might beat the formidable enemy!

▼Let’s become stronger by scouting and growing!
Let’s get new monsters by scouting and new skills for your monsters!
To monsters with a strong skill, there is a need to get a scroll of skill by fighting a strong opponent!
Furthermore, Monsters are Strengthened by Tuning(Composition)!
Grow a monster more and more, and let’s make up the your only best unit!

▼Let’s challenge to the Battle Tower!
You can climb the dungeon - Battle Tower!
Let's beat the formidable enemy and go up to the top floor!
You may get some Rare Item!

▼Real time battle with other players in Colosseum!
You can play against other players who live in the world of BEMAGI at the real-time !
You can play not only the 1-to-1 single battle but also 3-to-3 multi battle !
Let's fight other players by Cooperation or Hostility !

▼You can battle with Celebrity
You can fight some YouTuber or creators etc. in BEMAGI world !
Let's battle by your favorite music on your favorite artists !

▼Share your playing movie!
It was equipped with a function to record a playing movie!
In a special performance that was smashed by the unit of pride, let's attracted other players from all over the world.
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App Name BEMAGI - Breed×Battle×Rhythm Package Namejp.co.teamegg.beatandmagicians File Size Undefined
Requires Android Android 4.0.3 and upInstalls 50,000 - 100,000 Price Free