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Mahjong Solitaire APK

Updated date 19/02/2017

Latest Version 1.0

Author mahjong


The game of Mahjong solitaire is classified as a card or tile game and involves arranging and re-arranging the tiles to match a certain order. It requires the use of skills, calculations, and applying the right strategy at the right time. Mahjong game is played by 4 players and consists of 144 tiles. There are 36 bamboo suits, 36 Character suits, 36 Circle suits, 16 Wind tiles, 12 Dragon tiles and 8 bonus tiles which consist of 4 flowers and 4 seasons. The aim of the game is for a player to collect the maximum number of sets containing similar flowers or number. The one with most sets wins the game. The Mahjong solitaire game is quite popularly and has a large following. You may have come across it under other names such as Ma Chiao, Mo Tsiah, Mah Jongg or Ma Cheuk. Originally invented in China, the game has continued to expand to other regions and appeals to both the young and the old. Courtesy of online gaming and technology, playing the game is as easy as going online and downloading a suitable version. Nonetheless, in order to have the ultimate experience, it helps to have good knowledge about the game. Knowing how to play it and which is the best strategy or tactics increases your odds of winnings.

How To Play This Free Game

Playing Mahjong solitaire entails matching to similar tiles and removing them. It can be likened to the popular solitaire which involves matches similar tiles. However, a player can only remove tiles that are not bound. These are the ones that are not surrounded by other tiles all around it or on three of its sides. A bound tile may also have two tiles on its opposite sides or is found on the tower's top. The players targets "Free" tiles which have a tile on one side, are found on the setup's edge, or on the tower's top but are adjoined to two sides or more that are free.

Why Play The Game of Match 2?

The popularity of Mahjong solitaire game has led to invention of different types of versions that a can be played online. Though the mode of playing the game may vary slightly, the goal is always the same. Many people find Mahjong quite interesting courtesy of its competitive spirit and need to calculate the next move, fast. It has also been aid that the game helps in improving memory and cognitive abilities because of using skills and memory to create a winning strategy. Online mah-jong can be played by multiple as well as single players and can be easily accessed online at any time. There are versions that come as apps and are suitable for mobile gaming.

There are different sequences and strategies that may lead to a win. these include Kong, Pung,Chong and others. The person who achieves the maximum combination( 4 sequences, triplets or quadruplets) utters the term "Mahjongg" to state his win. At this stage , the player is awarded points and the game begins gain.Individuals searching for a highly-r interactive, engaging and thrilling experience will find Mahjong solitaire game quite ideal.
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Requires Android Android 4.0.3 and upInstalls 50,000 - 100,000 Price Free