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Mahjong APK

Updated date 19/02/2017

Latest Version 1.3

Author mahjong


Mahjong Connect is a game that traces its roots 2000 years from Shanghai China. The current game varies in many ways from the original Mahjong game. The game was played by the Royals and therefore many ordinary citizens did not have a clue of its existence till many years later when the Japanese learned of its existence. The western world came to know of its existence many years later. Features of the Connect Game

Originally the Mahjong game consisted of 144 tile pieces which were ivory. With the global outcry on the usage of the horn, the tiles changed to other varied materials depending on availability, price, and quality. The game board consists of 140 tiles which are arranged in a particular pattern. Fourteen tiles are arranged horizontally in each row while ten tiles are organized vertically in each row. The original game consisted of seasons, dragons, and flowers among other unique features, the current game has not deviated much from the original game and as such the rules haven't changed a lot.

Mahjong Tactical Moves

This unique solitaire game that involves solving the puzzle by matching open pairs of tiles which are identical and as such remove them from the board. There will be hidden object. The process exposes the tiles which are underneath, and the game continues. The game has a timer; therefore, one has a limited time to play the game, if one is using a shared computer, a PC that has low internet connectivity or any other limiting factor, one may be time barred to make a move. Mahjong connect game limits a players movement in that one cannot make any move unless they eliminate tiles bordering the tile one is planning to remove. As such every move a player makes while playing the game has to be well thought and tactical in nature.

Amazing characteristics of Mahjong Connect

There are different tactics that one can use to win the game. For instance, one can play the tiles that are arranged on a perimeter. The move has rules which involve clicking on any matching tiles and such it is not a good move to use if one is not sure of its applicability. Another tactic that is used by many players is where a player connects tiles. The tile connection requires connecting moves within three steps failure to which one loses. These tactical moves require critical thinking and creativity because for one to advance in the game the moves come in handy regardless of how adjacent the tiles are together.

This amazing game is worth playing because it not only improves one's thinking capacity but also brings out the creativity in you. The game is played online as such you can rate your skills in real time to measure how you rate as compared to other players. There are online resources all over that one can use to boost their chances of winning and becoming pros in the game. The game has a timer; therefore, if you are not a quick thinker, you may lose your chances of winning or mastering the game.

The reason why Mahjong Connect was played by royals is because it made them make wiser decisions by looking objectively at different scenarios. As such, it is a free game that is good for the brain as it exercises it.
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